Add text to your baby pics or LOLCat or photonovel with the classy TitleFx

Not long ago I tested a horrific app for adding text to photos, but I’ve found a much better one, which may even be The One, even though I’m still a strong believer in going easy on the text on photos. Unless you have something meaningful to say. Or you’re really funny. Or you’re making LOLCats. Or maybe a photonovel or some other artsy thing. OK, OK, so there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to put text on your photos. TitleFx is a very nice, classy option if you do.

Take a photo or choose one from your camera. Double tap the text box in the middle to add your profound or absurd or hilarious statement. Use the tool bar at the bottom of the screen to painlessly change the font, size, color, or add backgrounds and effects.

There are lots of great sharing options, one of which is to have a postcard printed and mailed, thanks to a partnership with the makers of Postagram, one of my fave apps of all time. The “Send To App” option lets you send your pic to select photo apps you have on your phone for further editing if that’s your thing. You can even print it right from the app if you have an AirPrint-compatible printer.

Adorable lamb photo from the Paris agricultural show (Europe’s largest) this month, an event no self-respecting Parisian cowgirl would miss. ;-)

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Devices: iOS
Cost: $1.99
TitleFx on the App Store

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09. March 2013 by Pam
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