About us

What, you never heard the expression Cowgirl Up! ? Then I guess you don’t come from the southwestern US. But we do, even though we now live in France. There are plenty of cows in France (over 400 kinds of cheese to prove it!). But they have to import cowgirls. So here we are.

Pam, who lives in Paris, was born in LA and lived most of her life in SoCal, with a few years in Texas (and other less cowgirly places like Hawaii). Sam, who lives in the south(ish) of France, was born in Alaska, grew up in Texas, and has lived in other less cowgirly places (like India).

Pam is a tech blogger (with work on ReadWrite, GigaOm and HuffPo) and a translator. She reviews iOS apps. Sam is a writer and artist who brings exposure to the visual art community through Art+Talk Hangouts on Air and the monthly #FirstFridayArtWalk on Google+. She’s covering Android and iPad apps.

Our app reviews are short and sweet. We don’t review meh apps. Some apps we love, some we really want to love but can’t, some we hate. You won’t find any stars in our reviews. We kinda think rating systems are a boy thing.

We started this project because:

  • There aren’t (m)any app review sites written by women. It’s past time. We like apps too! I mean, just read about moms and mobile.
  • We didn’t have a place where we could talk about the apps we love.
  • We spend a lot of time trying to introduce non-geeky (girl)friends who are still using their smartphones like dumbphones to the joys of mobile tech, and trying to entice the dumbphone users to join us in the 21st century.
  • And because of two old ladies overheard on a bus… OL1: “Ever since the Internet, I don’t understand a thing. Not a thing!” OL2: “Neither do I.” We don’t want that to be you.

So we thought we’d share. That’s what girls do, after all.


Pamela and Samantha